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4 Year Strategic Plan

The GRFU 4 Year Strategic Plan lays out how the County plans to support our clubs, sustain them and develop the Game within Gloucestershire in the period 2013-17.  It is a living document and will be updated twice per year as part of the RFU planning cycle.

This is a complete change of culture in the manner in which we have supported the game hitherto and we are only 2 years into a lengthy transition period.   This must be viewed as evolution rather than revolution; mistakes will be made as we make this journey, but we must learn from them and move on.  The process is open, honest and transparent and you are able to view the complete plan using the link below:

GRFU 4 Year Plan 2013-17

Rugby in Gloucestershire has a rich heritage.  The current management team are but stewards of the game and are working tirelessly to further sustain and develop our clubs and the game by making best use of everything at our disposal.  Effective communication is at the heart of strategy and we would welcome any constructive feedback on the plan or areas you believe we may have missed in this first iteration.  Working together we can make a difference and take rugby in Gloucestershire to the next level.  PW

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