Annual Delivery Plan

The GRFU Annual Delivery Plan is a living document, which gives details of all the programmes the county, in partnership with our clubs, the RDOs, the CRCs and the specialist RFU Regional Staff aim to deliver during the current season. The GRFU Game Board (GB), chaired by Nigel Gillingham, consists of all club facing Sector Chairmen, the 5 District Representatives, representatives of the 2 Referee Societies and our RDOs; collectively they are charged with delivering the Plan.  The GB meet every 60 days to review delivery progress against the targets within the Plan.

The process, driven by the needs of our clubs and the game in Gloucestershire, is open honest and transparent.  You are able to access the latest update to the delivery plan and read it in detail using the link:

GRFU Annual Delivery Plan (2016-17) - Initial Version

GRFU Annual Delivery Plan (Post Game Board - 15th March 2017)

Progress is recorded using a simple green, amber, or red analysis.Green indicates that the project is on target; amber that there are some issues in achieving the outcomes, but if addressed can be brought back on target; and red indicates there are major issues with the project, and it needs major redesign or abandonment.

Effective communication is at the heart of strategy and we welcome any constructive feedback on the plan or areas you believe we may have missed.  Working together we can make a difference and take rugby in Gloucestershire to the next level.



Performance Summary 2015-16

GRFU Annual Delivery Plan 2015-16 (End-of-Year)

End-of-year achievement is recorded using a simple green, amber, or red analysis.  Green indicates that the project has been succesfully completed as expected; amber that the project was partially completed and will continue in some form in the following year's plan; and red indicates that the project failed or unnecessary and requires redesign if it is to be included in the following year's plan. Actual targets are found in the notes column.


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