More Players - Playing More Often




The GRFU Reserve Leagues have been re-branded as WADWORTH 6X LEAGUES following the generous sponsorship of the County by Wadworth Brewery of Devizes.

The GRFU held two Forum meetings in the County to explore ways of getting more players to play more rugby and conducted an online survey through social media. The outcome is that structural changes have been made to the competition.

Teams continue to be allocated on a geographical basis to leagues based on Bristol and District and Gloucester and District to minimise travel.

Bristol & District 1 and Gloucester & District 1 will operate as in previous years. The major change involving the lower leagues comes because 70% of the online respondents favoured mini leagues in the earlier months of the season to verify the viability of teams; these leagues will then be reorganised to provide competition for the rest of the season. The mini leagues are made up of six teams with fixtures starting on 2 September and going through to mid-November. The resultant re-structured leagues will then run from December to the end of the season

A further change due to the online survey is that league position will now be determined by a points system.

Revised Regulations for the WADWORTH 6X Leagues have been sent to club contacts and secretaries and also appear on the GRFU website.


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