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Contact RFU Regional Professional Team

The Regional Professional Team also support the work of the GRFU.  Their specific roles and contact details are below:

Bristol & South Gloucestershire Rugby Development Officer (RDO):

Neil Loader                                              07809 199944


Cheltenham & Gloucester Rugby Development Officer (RDO):

Morgana Simpson                 07715 856666


Gloucester & Forest of Dean Rugby Development Officer (RDO):

Ashley Stephens                          07545 920992


South West Area Manager:

Don Parsons                                        07736 722495


South West Facilities and Funding Manager

Jon Bendle                                              07753 881272


South West Area Training Manager

Dusty Miller                                       07715 856725


South West Player Development Officer

Alan Hubbleday                           07764 960374


South West Women’s Rugby Development Officer

Jonathan Pearce                         07850 982229        


South West University Rugby Development Officer                    

Mike Panoho                                       07718 706589

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