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Welcome to the Governance Page           SECTOR HEAD: John Darlaston

Email:     Tel No: 01453 543135     Mobile: 07711 317705

The Governance Sector activities are developed from the guidance given by the RFU.   The activities covered include:
  • Corporate matters, clubs membership & name changes, issues reflecting RFU policies
  • Protocol, rules & regulations, organisation, legal issues, appeals
  • Aiding the efficient & effective operation of the CB
  • Supporting  the Management Board in the development of the CB business & strategic Planning 
  • Maintaining  and developing the Operating Procedures 
  • Reviewing and monitoring policy on Discipline as an RFU delegated function which is implemented through the CB Disciplinary Committee 
  • Reviewing & monitoring policy on Safeguarding as an RFU delegated function which is implemented through the CB Safeguarding Sector  
  • Reviewing and monitoring safety & welfare of players and the implementation by Clubs of RFU policies to promote ways of making the game as safe as possible for players of all ages
  • Providing advice and guidance to Clubs on governance matters

Access to a full copy of the GRFU Operating Procedures and other key documents can be found via the links contained in the sub-menu to this section of the website.

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