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There are more than 258 teams across the Gloucestershire County - 108 of which are Senior teams.  Rugby in Gloucestershire is big; a sport with hundreds of participants and supporters. GRFU organises Competitions, Festivals and Representative teams for boys, girls, men and women.

If you and your company would like to get involved in sponsorship or advertising to benefit your organisation and support rugby in our County please email me on:


The ways you can do this are many and varied. From team wear endorsement, programme sponsorship and advertising, county competitions, website adverts, press publicity and so on. Additionally we publish the GRN (Gloucestershire Rugby News) three times a year and the Annual Handbook; both of these have wide circulation to all participants in rugby in our County of all ages.

We can discuss a package that's perfect for you to reach a potential 500,000 within the rugby family.

Andrea Grant

Head of Marketing & Sponsorship

Gloucestershire Rugby Football Union [GRFU]

Thank you for your interest in GRFU


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