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Rugby in Gloucestershire and the Delivery Plan

The GRFU is required by the RFU to produce a framework document, which gives a roadmap for the sustainment and development of the game within the county from 2015-2020. The document entitled ‘Rugby in Gloucestershire 2015-20 is innovative and aims to simplify the task of forward planning.  The document combines the top down objectives for the game contained in the RFU strategic plan and the bottom up, identified needs of our clubs collected from the club forums.  It is a 'living' document which will be reviewed and updated annually. A separate delivery plan gives greater detail of the objectives and targets set and the programmes which contain them.   The Game Board delivers the club facing programmes of the Delivery Plan, whilst the Executive Board delivers the corporate programmes.  The plans are founded upon the Core Purpose - to strengthen our member clubs and grow the game in the communities that surround them - and the 6 Key Drivers - details below - which shape our work as a CB.

Executive Summary

Key Driver 1 - Retaining and Developing Current Players

Key Driver 2 - Recruiting New Players

Key Driver 3 - Retaining, Recruiting and Developing Quality Coaches, Referees and Volunteers

Key Driver 4 - Effective and Efficient Facilities

Key Driver 5 - Effective and Efficient Club Management and Governance (including the CB)

Key Driver 6 - Integration with the Local Community

Recurring & Operating Costs - Both on and off the field

Financial Totals

The GRFU wish to further develop an open, honest culture, built upon trust, so all our plans and performance reports are published and in the public domain.  We would welcome constructive feedback on any aspect of our work.

Project Unity

Project Unity is the RFU led European outreach programme linked directly to the legacy of RWC15.  CBs were invited to particpate and Gloucestershire along with our colleagues from Oxfordshire were asked to work with Romania.  The project is underway with the initial aim of delivering a 3 year programme to help with the devlopment of rugby in Romania.  Areas under consideration are rugby in schools, the development of coaches and the development of referees through exchanges. Full details can be found on the Project Unity page.


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