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Effective coaches who are appropriately skilled for the players they are coaching keep players in the game and persuade new ones to join.  The RFU recognises the difference coaches make to players' enthusiasm and skill level and to making the game as safe as possible.

Through RFU qualifications and development courses (CPD) coaches can develop their skills and enjoy making a real difference to players and to their own personal proficiency.  All carry the additional status of beng UK Coaching Certificates accredited by the 1st4sport awarding body recognised and regulated by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual).  They are ideal for:

- Club volunteers wanting to support & understand rugby

- Coaches of players at all levels

- Players who would like to become coaches

- Retiring players who want to stay involved in the game

- Coaches wanting to develop their knowledge and skills.

Click here for further information on coaching.

Gloucestershire RFU offer a range of subsidies to club coaches to support your coaching pathway, click here to view these, or contact your local Rugby Development Officer.


It is often justifiably said that without referees there would be no game.  However, to ensure that players enjoy competing, it is essential that our referees are of the highest quality and are properly qualified.  These qualifcations and on-going training (CPD) also mean our officials are constantly developing their skills and enjoy their experience of managing matches.

Different qualifications exist and are available to:

- All clubs, for anyone wanting to support & understand rugby union

- Coaches who also referee games

- Players wishing to better understand the Laws and their application

- Retiring players wanting to continue their involvement in the game

- Referees who want to develop their knowledge and skills

Further information please click here, or contact your local referee society:

North Glos Referees Society;

Bristol Referees Society;

Gloucestershire RFU offer a range of subsidies to clubs to support your referee training, please click here or speak to your local RDO for further details of what is on offer.

Volunteering in Your Club:

A volunteer workforce of no less than 60,000 is involved in rugby in England, with well over 90% of rugby's total workforce made up of unpaid help, bringing a contribution in man hours of some £30 million every year!

Make sure volunteering is fun and efforts are rewarded.  Appoint a Volunteer Coordinator and the RFU will provide free guidance and resources. Rugby branded clothing can be obtained via

There is a variety of ways to show appreciation for volunteers, click here to find out more about some of the reward & recognition opportunities available from the RFU.

Click here to find out more on volunteering in rugby and support available.

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