Training and Development

This page through a series of links will give you information on how to get started as a rugby referee, the Entry Level Referee Award Course, the Referee Development Pathway, Referee Society Officials Course and CPD Modules, Refereeing the MIni/Midi game and the Young Officals Award.  If you cannot find the information you seek please contact either Referee Society or Steve Harland, Area Training Manager, on or 07738 029107.

Becoming a Referee

The Entry Level Referee Award    -   You can book a course online using this page

Referee Development Pathway

Society Officials Courses and CPD Modules

Refereeing the Mini/Midi game

Young Officials Award

Referee Development Resources

Useful articles and resources

iRB Education and Training Resources

The links below give access to individual iRB produced, law based training videos, for personal improvement or group discussion:

Offside from Kicks

Offside at Rucks

Illegal Maul Formation

Scrum Feeds

Tackle - Laws 14 & 15

Tackle - Players on their Feet

Tackler - Not moving away

Players falling after tackle

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