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After consultation with a cross section of our clubs, educational establishments, players, parents, coaches, teachers and club administrators, the GRFU Women and Girls committee has developed a working strategy for the continued evolution of Women and Girls rugby in Gloucestershire.

The key components of our strategy are to be:

Women’s Sections

  • Support -clubs to provide a conducive environment for Women to play and socialise
  • Development- work on building core skills and socialising rather than a ‘win at all costs’   approach
  • Culture – increasing the number of women involved in clubs, administration and coaching staff
  • Enjoyment – focus on providing an enjoyable experience that embraces participation thus leading to better retention

Youth Sections

  • Enjoyment - an environment that nurtures fun alongside learning
  • New experiences - whereby core skills and the fundamentals of rugby are developed
  • Friendship - making new friends & developing social skills
  • Develop the Individual - player centered approach for developing the whole person


With GRFU help, organise friendly games and link with local clubs so that there are progression routes after school.

GRFU Centres of Development

Aimed at all girls where the focus will be on building Core Skills, Fundamental Movements, C.A.R.D.S and decision making through the principles of play. This will be via a five-week curriculum.

W&G Representative Development Programmes

The W&G committee will endeavor to support the individual’s personal development and feeling of purpose, with the aim of providing a nurturing environment. Our programmes will also model best practice in both administration of teams and coaching. The emphasis throughout will be development of players, coaches and coaching as well as our administrators. This should in turn raise the profile of our clubs, plus support the retention and transition of our club coaches, referees and managers. The overarching framework here is to provide a development pathway where by girls can transition from the 15s to the 18s to adult rugby in both our programmes and our clubs. Thus supporting our clubs in player and volunteer retention and transition.



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