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Youth Competitions

Welcome to the youth competition page. This page will cover the regulations, results and tables for all youth competitions (Under 14's to Under 18's) for boys and (Under 15's and Under 18's) girls.

The Adrian Davies Freemasons Lodge of Rugby Union

Sponsors of the Gloucestershire RFU County Cup

The Adrian Davies Lodge of Rugby Union is a Gloucestershire Freemasons Lodge, consecrated in May 2013.

One of the Lodge’s aims is to support and assist rugby to be played and enjoyed in the County and we are, therefore, delighted to be sponsoring the development of Youth Rugby in Gloucestershire. More Information Click Here

Youth County Cups


Boys Competitions

Under 14s

Under 15s

Under 16s

Pool 1

Pool 1

Pool 1

Pool 2

Pool 2

Pool 2

Pool 3

Pool 3

Pool 3

Pool 4

Pool 4

Pool 4

Under 18s Development League South A

Under 18s Development League North A

Under 18s Development League South B

Under 18s Development League North B





Regulation 15 Age Grade Rugby

Under 14s Boys

Under 15s - Under 18s Boys

Under 13s Girls

Under 15s & Under 18s Girls


Boys Youth County Cup

Under 18s Development League

Youth Playing Out of Age Group Form


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